Song List

1. Sweet emotion

2. my own worst enemie

3. Plush

4. The middle

5.Immigrant song

6.Dani California 

7.Hard to handle 


9.Kings highway

10.Learn to fly 

Set 2.

1.Rocky mnt way

2. 3AM

3. Inside out


5. Let her cry 

6. Give it away now

7.Radar love 

8. Dirty deeds 

9. Long train

10.Smells like teen spirit

Set 3.

1. Blue on black 

2.Feel like making love

3.Turn the page 

4. simple man

5. Last kiss

6. Man in the box 

7.Basket case

8.Killing In The name of


10.Take it easy

Set 4.

1. One way out 


3. Honky tonk

4 Ain’t waisting time  no more 

5.Midnight rider

6. Keep your hands 


8. Limelight


10. whisky in a jar